Friday, June 10, 2016


  • In case

    In case expresses the possibility of something happening.
    It is used to express the idea of doing something to avoid a possible problem later on.
    It gives the reason for an action.

    • Take an umbrella in case it rains.
      = There is a possibility that it will rain, so it's a good idea to take an umbrella.
  • In case + 'of'

    In case of means 'if there is'.

    • In case of emergency, call this number.
      = If there is an emergency, call this number.
  • Unless

    Unless means 'except if' or 'only if'.
    Unless replaces 'if' + a negative verb.

    • Sally won't come unless you invite Harry.
      • Sally won't come except if you invite Harry.
      • Sally will only come if you invite Harry.
      • If you don't invite Harry, Sally won't come.
    • We will have a picnic unless it rains.
      • We will have a picnic except if it rains.
      • If it doesn't rain we will have a picnic.
      • If it rains, we won't have a picnic.

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