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advertisementItem of publicity to promote a product or service in newspapers, magazines, on TV, etc.
advertising agencyMarketing services firm that assists companies in planning advertisements.
AIDAAttention, Interest, Desire, Action - the aim of all advertising.
benefitAdvantage of a product or service.
billboardSignboard for advertising posters.
broadsheetNewspaper printed in a large format.
campaignorganised course or plan of action.
circulationAverage number of copies of newspapers or magazines sold over a period of time.
classified adsSmall advertisements in newspapers or magazines, divided into categories.
commercialAdvertisement on radio or television.
couponPart of a printed advertisement to be used to order goods or samples.
direct mailAdvertisement sent by post to prospective customers.
double-page spreadAdvertisement printed across two pages in a newspaper or magazine.
editingReviewing or rewriting in order to make suitable for publication.
eye-catcherSomething that particularly attracts one's attention.
featuresSpecial characteristics of a product.
generic advertisingAdvertising for a whole sector, such as tourism, rather than a specific product.
hoardingWooden structure or signboard, used to carry advertisements.
hypeExcessive or intensive publicity;  exaggerated claims made inadvertising.
jingleCatchy tune, with a short simple rhyme, used to promote a product.
key wordsInformative words chosen to indicate the content of a document.
launchTo start an action in order to introduce something (e.g. a new proeduct).
mailshotPiece of advertising material sent to potential customers by post.
mass mediaThe main means of mass communication (newspapers, TV and radio).
plugFavourable publicity in the media for a commercial product
(e.g. a book).
posterLarge sheet of paper used in advertising.
prime timeHours on radio and TV with the largest audience, usually the evening.
promoteUse advertising and publicity to try to increase sales of a product.
roadside signsLarge panels along roads and motorways used for outdooradvertising.
sloganPhrase used to advertise a product, or to identify a company or organisation.
slotSpecific time in a broadcasting schedule allotted for a commercial.
soundbiteShort extract from a recorded interview or speech.
spamUnsolicited advertising sent through the internet as an email message.
spotPosition of a commercial in a radio programme or TV schedule.
tabloidNewspaper printed in small format, usually with a lot of photographs.
targetObjective;  what is aimed at.
U.S.P.Unique Selling Proposition;  a declaration of what makes a product different.
write copyWrite a text to be printed or spoken in an advertisement or a commercial.

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