Friday, May 6, 2016


AcheverAchieveComplete / finishThe renovation was finished at the end of 2010.
We have completed the programme.
ActuellementActuallyAt the moment, currently.At the moment I am revising my English.
AffluenceAffluenceCrowdsThere were crowds of people in the streets.
AgendaAgendaDiaryI note all my appointments in my diary.
AncienAncientFormerOur former chairman was more dynamic.
Assister aAssistAttendAll the personnel must attend the meeting.
AvertissementAdvertisementWarningThe message was sent as a warning.
BailBailLeaseWe can move in as soon as we sign the lease.
BlesserBlessHurt / injureHe was injured in a road accident.
BribesBribesScraps, snatchesHe overheard snatches of the conversation.
ChanceChanceLuckGood luck! I hope you'll be as lucky as Tom.
CoinCoinCornerThe cinema is at the corner of the street.
CommanderCommandOrderHe ordered food for everybody.
ConducteurConductorDriverShe told the driver to be careful on the roads.
ConfectionConfectionClothing industryHe works in the clothing industry.
ControleControlCheckTickets are checked before boarding.
DeceptionDeceptionDisappointmentHis failure was a big disappointment.
DecevoirDeceiveDisappointThe players were disappointed not to win.
DelaiDelayTime limit/deadlineWe were given a time limit. Friday is the deadline.
EnvieEnvyWant / feel likeI don't want to go/ I don't feel like going.
EventuellementEventuallyPossibly/perhaps/if need bePerhaps/If need be I could send a fax.
FormidableFormidableGreat/terrificYou did a terrific job!
FortunéFortunateWealthy, well-offThe money was donated by a wealthy man.
FournituresFurnitureSuppliesJulie is responsible for office supplies.
GentilGentleNice / kindShe's a nice person. Her remarks are always kind.
Grief (faire)GrieveReproachAmy reproached Tom for breaking his promise.
HabitHabitClothes/ dressThe old man was wearing his Sunday clothes.
IgnorerIgnoreNot pay attention
take no notice
know nothing
It's best not to pay attention to his behaviour.
Take no notice of him!
know nothing about the incident.
ImportantImportantBig / largeThere was a big crowd waiting to see the Queen.

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