Saturday, May 7, 2016


InconvenantInconvenientImproperImproper behaviour will not be tolerated.
InjureInjureInsultPlease don't take that as an insult.
LargeLargeWideThe Champs Elysées is a very wide avenue.
LectureLectureReadingAnne likes reading.
LibrairieLibraryBookshopA bookshop is where you buy books.
LocationLocationRental / lease
to rent / to let
They signed a 2-year rental/lease.
The house was let for two years.
MonnaieMoneyCurrency / changeI need change for the parking meter.
What currency is used in Norway?
NuisanceNuisanceHarm/damage/pollutionNoise is a form of pollution that can be harmful.
OrganismeOrganismorganisation/agencyA relief agency is providing food and shelter.
PiècePieceRoom / a play (theatre)How many rooms are there in the house?
I saw a good play at the theatre yesterday.
PrévenirPreventWarnHe shouted to warn people of the danger.
(tit. d'une chaire)
TeacherMy father is a teacher at the high school.
My mother is a professor at the university.
The kitchen is clean.
Emily has her own car.
PropriétéProprietyPropertyThe property belongs to the rich family.
RealizeRealizeAccomplish/carry out
Come true (a dream)
He accomplished the task without difficulty.
I hope all your dreams will come true.
RegarderRegardLook atLet's look at the pictures.
RésumerResumeSummarize / sum upThe report summarizes the main points.
RéunionReunionMeetingmeeting was held to discuss the problem.
SensibleSensibleSensitiveA baby's skin is very sensitive.
Situation (geo.)SituationLocation / situationThe offices are in a good location/well situated.
StoreStoreBlindWe have blinds on our windows.
SupporterSupportPut up withTeachers have to put up with noisy children.
SympathiqueSympatheticNice/friendly/likeableOur new neighbours are very nice
Jack is a very likeable guy..
TentativeTentativeAttemptHe made an attempt/he attempted to escape

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