Saturday, September 2, 2017

Abbreviations and Acronyms

1. TGIF =  

2. FYI =  

3. i.e. =  

4. AI =  

5. KO =  

6. IOU =  

7. PS =  

8. ASAP =  

9. ATM =  

10. BC =  

Chat rooms & SMS acronyms

An acronym is a word formed from the first or first few letters of several words. eg: ASAP = As Soon As Possible. This scripted online conversation is full of acronyms. Our friend, Sylvain, finds it very hard to understand them and to engage in conversation. Can you help him decode the acronyms written in red?
Butterfly3: Hello everybody? How R U?
Kelly114: Hello Butterfly, glad to C U. I sent you a pm, did you recieir it?
Butterfly3SRY, what does 'recieir¡' mean? Is it English?
Kelly114: No, it's not LOL, just a typing mistake, I meant: 'receive'
Butterfly3: Ok, THX U
Kelly114: Have you heard from Kidd09 recently?.
Sylvain: Hi there! I am fine, and you? I'm a newbie here.
Butterfly3: Welcome then! ASL? Kelly. Nope, he went to the USA, that's the last I heard from him.
Sylvain: I am a 19 year-old boy, I live in London, but I'm French. What about you?
Kelly114: 21, F, Nottingham. To Butterfly: W@?! He's in the USA?! How lucky!
Butterfly3: Yes. Oh, my phone's ringing¡­BRB
Kelly114: No problem, I'm waiting. To Sylvain: How is it going in London? How do U like England?
Sylvain: Que¡­.what does BRB mean?
Butterfly3: I'm back. Sorry I have to leave you guys. My friend's coming. TTYL.
Kelly114: Ok, I've got to go too. XXs & Oos.
Butterfly3: Bye Kelly and CYA Sylvain

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