Friday, September 29, 2017

Adjectives and Comparison

John is 178 centimeters. David is 180. Smith is 195.
 John is tall. David is taller than John. Smith is the tallest of all.
The red car next to the tree is $50,000. The blue car in front of the house is $80,000. The black car over there is $150,000.

The red car is expensive. The blue car is more expensive than the red car. The black car is the most expensive of all.

1. My elder brother is three years older (old) than I am.

2. When I was a kid I always wanted to be  taller (tall) than he was.

3. Now I am the tallest (tall) in my family.

4. But my younger brother is  more intelligent (intelligent) than I am.

5. My elder brother played volleyball much better (good) than I did.

6. My younger brother drives more carefully (careful) than I do.

7. I am the  fastest (fast) driver in my family but the least careful.

8. Unfortunately, I have the  highest (high) number of speeding tickets.

9. I have the most expensive (expensive) but the least economical car.

10. All in all, I think I am the  smartest (smart) of all. What do you think? I am kidding.

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