Saturday, September 30, 2017

Adjectives and Prefix

Choose the correct prefix to make negative forms of the adjectives

1. It was  im possible to sleep because of the noise.

2. Mary is un certain whether to go to Sweden or not.

3. It's totally  ir rational but I'm afraid of spiders.

4. I like my teacher but she is a bit  im patient with slow learners.

5. Bob has been  dis honest in his dealings with us.

6. It's  il legal to drive through a red light.

7. Administration should be an a  political tool of the government.

8. This new house is not  dis similar to our old one except that it's a bit bigger.

9. Stop Stewart ! It is  im polite to point at people.

10. Why did you write this sentence ? It's completely il logical.

Adjectives and substantives

1) It's difficult for a young teacher to have a whole class of fifteen-year-olds, because at that age, young people are quite restless ...

2) A counsel for the defence must protect and defend the unjustly accused as well as the suspects he knows are guilty ... 

3) As sincere environmentalists, the Greens fight for the protection of our childrens' futures ....

4) We must respect the ideas of the Greens if we want to keep our planet from being destroyed by mankind. 

5) I don't like the theatre of the Absurd at all! In fact, I'm just back from 'The Caretaker' by Pinter and I hated it! ...

6) Recently, in 2010, the unthinkable happened in Haïti : An earthquake destroyed a vast majority of the island.

Thousands of volunteers from various NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) searched the rubble for the living they could save,

but also for the dead, in order to give the bodies back to their mourning families.

They took care of the sick and

the totally deprived, helped and comforted them. They built refugee 'villages'

where the homeless could be sheltered 'momentarily'.

After preventing the death of the innocent some of these NGOs remained in the country to help to clean and rebuild a small part of the country.

Among Haïtians, the extremely poor are still in countless numbers. But solidarity is still playing its part :

The whites, mostly tourists, could be sent back to their countries and

the blacks, the natives, are slowly and courageously regaining hope. The developed countries mustn't forget Haïtians or let them down ....

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